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Our Love is Here to Stay 2003
Rent Party!
Places to Go, People to See, 2000 
Wolf at the Door,1999 

This Radio City Hall Production ran for five months at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. The trio were original cast members.

The Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival Mel Cornell photo

Paul and Gene in Las Vegas with the legendary tenor sax player Sam Butera

Robert with Gene Hardy at Harpo's, Victoria, 1985

Cassette released 1987, illustration by Kim McConnell
10 tracks were re-released in'99 on Wolf at the Door

Backstage at the Showbox in Seattle with Bobby Vail Kera McHugh photo

Their first recording -  a low budget demo that began to sell at shows

Promo for a gallery opening 1983 Frank Lewis illustration

Good times at the Edge Pub in Comox 
Brian Wilson photo

Promo pic circa 1984, Visions West photo

2001, Visions West photo
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